Open Workshops

Kinyei’s Open Workshop Space…

“Information sharing, the key to creating an ever progressing and developing community”

Is just that! An open space for the Battambang community to gather and share their skills and ideas in any area; from photography to women’s reproductive health to working in Khmer culture. Kinyei puts no limits on what the community wants to learn and teach each other. Check out some of the workshops that Kinyei has hosted so far.

How it works

If you have a particular skill, idea or experience you would like to share with the broader community, Kinyei will help you facilitate the process.

What we need to know from you:

  • When do you want to hold your workshop? (Check our calendar for availability)
  • How long will your workshop be (and will it be one off or a series)?
  • How many people will you want to partake?
  • What is the objective of your workshop?
  • Who is your target audience? In other words who do you think would most benefit it?
  • What equipment will you need?

What we do:

  • Approach your target audience to attend through our established networks and communications channels
  • Provide a whiteboard, projector, markers, butchers paper or any other materials you might require – and most importantly, a space!
  • Arrange translation where required
  • Manage attendance and logistics
  • Assist you to develop complete and culturally appropriate workshop plan (if desired)

Current sessions are listed below – if you are interested in running a workshop please contact us here or send an email to </div>

Technology Club:

In a similar vein to the workshops, Kinyei also hosts an informal technology club (tech talks? hack night? we’re still working on the name…) in the spirit of Hacker Spaces around the world. Members can:

  • Use the club space to work on their technology projects and invite other members to help them
  • Learn from each other about specific technology skills
  • Organize workshops from visiting experts and overseas experts

Membership is free but all members should be able to share some creative technology skill e.g. programming, electronics or graphics.

If you are interested in joining, you need:

  • A desire to share
  • Some technology skill

You do not need:

  • A laptop
  • Good English

Current workshops and technology club sessions are listed below – if you are interested in running a workshop or attending any session please contact us here or send an email to

Past Workshops

Session Description Dates
Meditation and Conflict Resolution Training Possibilities World Meditation and Conflict Resolution Training  
Plastic-Free Workshop Plastic-Free Workshop August 2015
Social Business Ideas Workshop A Social Business Ideas workshop with students from Jump Foundation. February 2016
Murray Bourne’s Tech Open Workshops
Murray Bourne
We are excited to host three technology related Open Workshops this week at Kinyei. Murray Bourne will be joining us from Singapore to deliver workshops on website development, image editing, and PHP programming. Starting Tuesday October 2nd 2012
Working across cultures
John Jablonka
This workshop is both for Khmer people and foreigners and aims to bring people together to discuss the issues faced in working with people from diverse cultures. The workshop is not about do’s and don’ts that oversimplify cultures. It will encourage dialogue using participatory approaches. It will enable you to explore ideas and myths about culture and generate some unique ideas relevant to your communities and people. Tuesday June 6, 2pm – 5pm
The Zen of Zines
Jan Cornall
Get some pointers on the Japanese art of haiku (three line poem) and haibun (descriptive haiku like prose) then learn how to make a simple zine (small hand made book) to put them in. Working with handmade papers,fabric and found materials learn how to use folding and oriental stitching to create different kinds of zines and mini artist books. No experience necessary – just a creative spirit and desire to play with words and paper. Tue Dec 20, 11am-3pm
Creative Writing
Jan Cornall
Have you always wanted to write a collection of stories or poems, travel memoir, life story or play around with fiction or non-fiction? Are you already writing but need a shot of inspiration to keep you going? In a creative and supportive atmosphere find out where to start, how to progress and set realistic goals for finishing. Revise the essential elements of writing; learn how to find your writers voice, develop descriptive detail, create interesting characters and find the structure that will bring your story to life. Using meditative techniques discover how easy it is to access your creative source on a daily basis and leave the workshop with a plan that will see you completing your writing project within months. Tue Dec 20, 6.30pm-8.30pm
Creative Expression
Amit Janco
You don’t need to consider yourself an artist to engage in creative expression! Join us at a Creative Arts Open Workshop to enjoy the process of creative self-discovery – for yourself and with your colleagues. Learn how to communicate and express your ideas and concepts in a variety of different ways and reap the benefits this has to offer when working cross culturally. Don’t let different languages and culture be a show stopper. Explore new creative ways to communicate in the workplace! Sat Mar 12, 2 – 5pm
Beginning Photography
Andre Van Dam
Andre will cover the basics of photography focusing on lighting and composition. The workshop will be mainly practical, and students will have a photography project to complete by the end of the course.Language: English 4 sessions in May, TBD
Working in Khmer Culture Totet Banaynal Workshop to discuss patterns of communication and professional relationships in Cambodia, as well as strategies or steps to take for foreigners who want to improve their interactions with Cambodian colleagues.Since Totet Banaynal arrived in Cambodia from the Philippines 16 years ago, he has worked all over the country and become an expert on Khmer language and linguistics. In this Open Workshop, Totet will begin by offering some of his insights about Cambodian culture, touching on topics like saving face, hierarchical communication and relationships, and social norms around taking initiative. He’ll share stories of how he has handled conflicts or difficulties that arose from cultural misunderstandings, and suggest strategies that may be useful for other foreigners.Language: English Tue Mar 1, 4pm – 7pm
Women’s Reproductive Health Meghan Battle Workshop will cover basic reproductive anatomy, menstrual cycle, hygiene during menstruation, beliefs and facts about menstruation. Meghan Battle and her team from the Romero Center in Pet Yiey Chee have run this workshop with more than 500 women in twelve villages in and around Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Pursat, Pailin, and Poipet with great success.First part of the day is appropriate for female beneficiaries of organisations aged between 16-30(Married or unmarried, PWD, and all levels of literacy welcome.)Second half will focus on strategies for facilitating women’s health workshops: great introduction for NGO Staff, Social Workers and Trainers – those who may be interested in delivering a similar workshop for their own organisation.Social media are becoming increasingly important means of communication in Cambodia and around the world. This Khmer-language introduction to social media will provide the skills necessary to utilise this increasingly influential area of technology.Language: Khmer (English translation) Thu 10 Feb, 9am-4pm
English Conversation (peer-to-peer) Seavyi Yonn Seavyi Yonn is hosting a peer-to-peer English conversation workshop. The workshop will use collaborative education methods with a focus on basic English conversation proficiency.Language: Khmer Sun, 8am–10am
13 Feb
Internet Literacy Seavyi Yonn Seavyi Yonn will be running weekly lessons on basic internet and social media literacy including Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.Social media are becoming increasingly important means of communication in Cambodia and around the world. This Khmer-language introduction to social media will provide the skills necessary to utilise this increasingly influential area of technology.Language: Khmer Sun, 8am–10am
Starts Sun 28 Nov
Ross Hill
Ross Hill ( will be running a 2 session introduction to social media focusing on blogging and twitter.Social media is an essential component of donor, customer and business relations both internationally and increasingly locally as cambodia rapidly comes online. Come along and learn how you can use it for yourself, your organization or business.Language: English (with translation) Wed, Thur, 12pm-2pm
Sep 8, 9
Khmer Poetry Samang Khmer Poetry will cover the basics of Khmer poetic forms, and introduce students to Khmer poetry composition.Language: Khmer Sun, 8am-12pm
Aug 29, Sep 5, 12, 19
The Visual Story Darcie “The Visual Story” will train students in using visuals to tell stories. Students will explore various media such as comic books, digital video, and blogs. How viewers see to understand stories will be discussed and analyzed, teaching students how to best catch a viewer’s attention and how to tell a good story with images. The course will begin with examples of photography, slideshows, video, blogs, and other visual stories. A final project will include the student’s creation of a visual story. During the course of the summer, video techniques and other media creation skills will be introduced.Language: English Sat, 3-5pm
Jul 3, 10, 17, 24