Kinyei Collaboration Space

Kinyei is delighted to announce that “Kinyei Headquarters” is no longer a cheeky reference to our house in Battambang. Kinyei now has two (tiny) stories of 100% Battambang office space which we are now making make thorough use of. Using the magic of semantics and the power of intention, we have transformed our office space into a Collaboration Space.

This is an open space which is available for locals and visitors to use for peer-learning and co-working, a place where people can come to develop, source materials, and execute projects and ideas. Our goal for this space is to foster collaboration and support local, grassroots initiatives by providing an office space, internet, networking, and specialized coaching.

In addition to encouraging the development of individual initiatives, we are also actively creating a peer-learning programme in which anyone with specific knowledge or a specialized skill set can come use the facilities to share and teach what they know to the public. These can be run by visiting or local volunteers on virtually anything they want to teach. We have already hosted two peer-learning workshops in our collaborative space — one on the art of visual storytelling and another on child safety.

Please contact us if you live in or are passing through Battambang and are interested in sharing your experience with anything from yoga to land title law, or are simply looking for a co working space with an emphasis on collaborations!