Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club

After a lot of great Open Workshops over the last few months at Kinyei, we’re continuing to host the Open Workshop about Philosophy class; it starts every Thursday from 6pm- 7pm at Kinyei.

What is it about ? This workshop is both for Khmer people and foreigners. It aims to bring people together to discuss and share the philosophy of life and community eg. This workshop will not just about discussing but also to encourage our minds to understand more about life and other philosophies.

About the Presenter Diana Thompson from Australia has been running a lot of workshops about philosophy for many people with different ages. She has many experiences discussing philosophy, and she wants to share with people to understand more because philosophy is very important for everyday life .

Who’s it for? The Workshop will be in English and it  will be the best for people who are interested to know more about philosophy of life and who want to improve their thinking, and share and discuss about their own topics of philosophy. So, please invite people who are interested in this, to get more ideas and learn more about philosophy from each other.

Where to join ? Workshop place is at kinyei Cafe on the street number 1.5  near central market, Battambang town.

When ? Every  Thursday from 6 pm to 7pm .

Extra: If you have a particular skill, idea or experience you would like to share with the broader community, we’d love to talk to you about an open workshop, please contact us by email at

As always, participation in Kinyei Open Workshops is free of charge. Look forward to seeing you there!