Kinyei’s “Top Tier” Reward for Kickstarter donations

This week we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the Kinyei Cafe! We hope to raise $8,500 to get the cafe up and running. The cafe will provide hospitality training and employment for local at risk youth. The upper storey of the cafe will be used as a venue for local art, music, and collaborative learning projects. The profits from the cafe will go towards start-up costs for further locally-run social initiatives.

To say thank you we will be providing rewards for donors, including the prestigious “top tier” reward for Kickstarter donations of $2,500 or more:

Imagine cycling the roads of the Cambodian countryside, sampling local Khmer cuisine, and delighting in the charm that is Battambang! We’re sharing our spectacular “tour de  Battambang” itinerary, your ticket to enjoy all the pleasures of this Cambodian paradise, with donors who pledge $2,500 or more.

Rooftops of Battambang

Sample Itinerary: 3-day tour of Battambang

Accommodation and local transport provided

Day 1: – Srey-saat photo shoot – Welcome dinner at local Khmer Barbeque

Day 2: – Soksabike bicycle tour – Latest show at Phare Ponleu Selpak circus and dinner with the artists

Day 3: – Smokin’ Pot Khmer Cooking Course – optional trip to local sites: – Bamboo Train OR – fruit wine OR – local winery OR – Aek Phnom, Wat Banon, or Phnom Sampeou (local temples)

Day 4: – Depart