How to tie a kromah

Srey Pheak and Sakkana helped put together a guide for those who will be receiving kromah scarves for donating $50 or more to our Kickstarter campaign. The distinctively Cambodian kroma is a ubiquitous, all purpose item that can be worn in many ways, including:

The "fisherwoman" and the "men's working belt"

The “fisherwoman” style sported by Srey Pheak (left), which is worn to help protect the wearer from the sun. Sakkana (right) is wearing her kromah around the waist in the style of male laborers, who use the kromah as a sweat rag and towel for a midday bath.

The daydreaming "market shopper."

Srey Pheak’s introduces the whimsical “market shopper.”
Stylish young people wear their kromahs on the way to work and on trips back to their homelands.

The 'grandma' and the 'rice harvester'

The “grandmother” kromah style is loosely arranged (left), while rice harvesters wear their kromah tied tightly across the forehead.
It should be noted however that this is not an exhaustive list and that your kromah will also make a handy grocery bag, nappy or makeshift concrete sieve, when required ;)