“What do you want to create?”

Backers, cheerleaders and enthusiasts! Thank you for your unceasing support!

For the last Kickstarter update we wanted to celebrate surpassing our $8500 target  and our 100+ backers, so the Kinyei Cafe staff took the streets to interview the folks of Battambang, and get their ideas about what they wanted to create and achieve in life. Check out the update, and the video by our fantastic team of amateur journalists below. It’s here in time with a mere 50 hours left on the Kickstarter!

Please watch this video and get a glimpse of what people here in Battambang hope to create.

What do you want to create?

Pass it along and help us smash 10k with our final 48 hrs!

Love, Kinyei

Film crew – Sakana, Srey Pheak, Untac, Phalla, Sean, Enrico Producer – Justin