Sammaki Art Space

Kinyei is excited to announce its involvement in the launching of a new collaborative art space in Battambang. Sammaki Art Space will be a temporary, pop-up gallery and studio providing a place for local artists to create and show their work.</p>

Why an art space?

Many artists in Cambodia are Battambang natives, but the majority have to relocate to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh in order to exhibit and market their work. Our hope is that the opening of this art gallery and working studio will give local artists invaluable exposure and a central space to work on collaborative art projects as a community. Residents and visitors alike will be able to appreciate contemporary art works from the region. We cannot think of a better way for visitors to gain unique and creative insights into Khmer culture!


Kinyei is working together with Jam from Art Deli in Siem Reap, Darren Swallow, facilitator of the local artist group “9 Faces”, and local artist extraordinaire Mao Soviet in order to get Sammaki off the ground and running. Sammaki will also house two resident artists, and will be open as a collective studio space and gallery for local artists.

Odds and ends?

Sammaki is located in a 60’s era house on St. 2 ½, just two streets over and two streets down from our 1 ½ office and Cafe. So far we’ve been busy helping to facilitate the surface renovations of the house, making it habitable for the resident artists and workable as a studio and workshop.

Launch event?

We’ll be formally launching the space in May, so stay tuned for more news about the fast approaching party!

Fun fact?

Sammaki means solidarity in Khmer.