This week! 3 Open Workshops at Kinyei

We are excited to host three technology related Open Workshops this week at Kinyei. Murray Bourne will be joining us from Singapore to deliver workshops on website development, image editing, and PHP programming. The schedule of workshops will be:

Tuesday 2nd Oct 
10:00 to 12:00 pm
Workshop (open workshop for anyone managing a website):
Topic: What visitors really do on your Website and what to do about it


Wednesday 3rd Oct 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Workshop (open workshop for anyone who shares digital images)
Topic: Image editing


Friday 5th Oct
5:00 to 7:00pm
Workshop (open workshop for anyone interested in Web development)
Topic: Introduction to PHP programming

About the Presenter

Murray Bourne is an educator, trainer, and Web developer. He has a keen interest in applying analytics to improve a wide range of human activities, including Web usability. Murray is an Australian who has lived in Asia for a large portion of his adult life. He is currently a freelance trainer based in Singapore.  facilitator with many years of experience in Japan, Singapore and Australia. Most recently he has facilitated workshops at InSTEDD in Phnom Penh.

Who are they for?

Workshops will be in English and Khmer (it there is interest, translation will be provided). The workshops will work best with a mix of participants so please invite both your expat and Khmer colleagues.

How to register?

Email the following to

Your name:

Number of people participating:

Which workshop(s) you are interested in attending:

Organisation (if applicable):

What do you want to achieve in this workshop:

Workshop places are limited so please register to ensure a place. As always, participation in Kinyei Open Workshops is free of charge. Look forward to seeing you there!