Open Workshop about Cross cultural

After a lot of great Open Workshops over the last few months at Kinyei, Now we are happy to host another Open Workshop about Cross cultural communication

This FREE workshop is both for Khmer people and foreigners to bring together to discuss cross cultural communication strategies for working in Battambang to promote development. Using participatory approaches the workshop will enable people to explore ideas and myths about culture and generate some unique ideas relevant to the communities and people we work with. John is a facilitator and trainer with 14 years experience specializing in cross cultural development NGO work in SE Asia and the Pacific- for more info on his company see 
This workshop will happen on Wednesday 6 February 1pm – 4pm
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Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club

After a lot of great Open Workshops over the last few months at Kinyei, we’re continuing to host the Open Workshop about Philosophy class; it starts every Thursday from 6pm- 7pm at Kinyei.

What is it about ? This workshop is both for Khmer people and foreigners. It aims to bring people together to discuss and share the philosophy of life and community eg. This workshop will not just about discussing but also to encourage our minds to understand more about life and other philosophies.

About the Presenter Diana Thompson from Australia has been running a lot of workshops about philosophy for many people with different ages. She has many experiences discussing philosophy, and she wants to share with people to understand more because philosophy is very important for everyday life .

Who’s it for? The Workshop will be in English and it  will be the best for people who are interested to know more about philosophy of life and who want to improve their thinking, and share and discuss about their own topics of philosophy. So, please invite people who are interested in this, to get more ideas and learn more about philosophy from each other.

Where to join ? Workshop place is at kinyei Cafe on the street number 1.5  near central market, Battambang town.

When ? Every  Thursday from 6 pm to 7pm .

Extra: If you have a particular skill, idea or experience you would like to share with the broader community, we’d love to talk to you about an open workshop, please contact us by email at

As always, participation in Kinyei Open Workshops is free of charge. Look forward to seeing you there!

Kinyei is holding a series of 4 Open Workshops on WordPress

Does your organization have a website that is in need of revival with fresh content and updates? WordPress is designed for the ‘non-techy’ and provides a user-friendly easy to manage and update website solution. Many of us are working for NGO’s and Community Based Organisations who have limited budgets especially when it comes to communications. WordPress is FREE! We want to share what we know about updating and maintaining your WordPress website so you can keep your supporters up to date on the latest development news.

Alex holding WordPress tutorial with Kinyei interns

Alex holding WordPress tutorial with Kinyei interns

What do we mean by Open Workshop?

**Kinyei Open Workshops is a free community run programme for skill sharing and education, everyone’s welcome to attend at no charge.

When are the workshops?

  • Introduction to WordPress: Monday 13th June 2011 5pm-6.30pm
  • Adding a blog post vs. a page: Monday 20th May 2011 5pm-6.30pm
  • Working with images, video and maps: Monday 27th May 2011 5pm-6.30pm
  • Working with widgets: Monday 4th July 2011 5pm-6.30pm

Who is running the workshop series?

Communications Officer for CORDE and Kinyei Consultant: Alexandra Robertson

I’m currently working as Communications Officer at Cambodian Organization for Research, Development and Education (CORDE) and a Consultant at Kinyei. I hold a Degree in Marketing and Public Relations and upon graduating began working in online marketing for, as a Web Marketing Copywriter. It was here I learnt to navigate multiple website content management systems in order to update website content and blog posts. I always found WordPress extremely user-friendly to use, which is why I encourage its use for organizations who don’t have a technical genius to call on everytime their website needs updating.

I left to work in community development and a core part of my communications roles at CORDE and Kinyei hasbeen to develop and update websites with the organizations latests news and development initiatives using none other than WordPress! I have found WordPress to be an ideal tool when training Khmer counterparts in updating blog articles and general website information, which is why I want to help make it accessible and achievable for other Cambodian NGO’s in Battambang.

Who should attend the workshop series?

Anyone involved in updating and maintaining their organization’s website. If you are a foreign volunteer and would like to join the workshop we encourage you to bring a Khmer counterpart to ensure the skills are delivered sustainably.

What languages will the workshops be in?

English and Khmer

How do I register?

Please email with:

  • Your name:
  • Your Khmer Counterpart’s name (if applicable):
  • Organisation:
  • Does your organization have a website?
  • Does your organization currently use wordpress?

Please note you will need to commit to all 4 sessions and the workshop can only cater for 8-10 people so first in best dressed.

Materials needed: Please bring your lap top if you have one to practice what you’re learning in real time.

Where the workshop will be held: Kinyei Office, St 1.5 Battambang Town

Look forward to seeing you in June for some WordPressing,

Kinyei Collaborate for change

Sammaki Art Space

Kinyei is excited to announce its involvement in the launching of a new collaborative art space in Battambang. Sammaki Art Space will be a temporary, pop-up gallery and studio providing a place for local artists to create and show their work.</p>

Why an art space?

Many artists in Cambodia are Battambang natives, but the majority have to relocate to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh in order to exhibit and market their work. Our hope is that the opening of this art gallery and working studio will give local artists invaluable exposure and a central space to work on collaborative art projects as a community. Residents and visitors alike will be able to appreciate contemporary art works from the region. We cannot think of a better way for visitors to gain unique and creative insights into Khmer culture!


Kinyei is working together with Jam from Art Deli in Siem Reap, Darren Swallow, facilitator of the local artist group “9 Faces”, and local artist extraordinaire Mao Soviet in order to get Sammaki off the ground and running. Sammaki will also house two resident artists, and will be open as a collective studio space and gallery for local artists.

Odds and ends?

Sammaki is located in a 60’s era house on St. 2 ½, just two streets over and two streets down from our 1 ½ office and Cafe. So far we’ve been busy helping to facilitate the surface renovations of the house, making it habitable for the resident artists and workable as a studio and workshop.

Launch event?

We’ll be formally launching the space in May, so stay tuned for more news about the fast approaching party!

Fun fact?

Sammaki means solidarity in Khmer.

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Update on creative expression workshop

March has been a busy month for Kinyei’s Open Workshop space. Our most recent workshop was led by Amit Janco, who ran a creative arts class, exploring self-expression through a range of mediums.

The participants, both Khmer and foreign, hailed from a variety of occupations, some NGO workers, some English teachers, others small business owners who worked in pairs to enhance communication methods using paints, and other tools.

Participants had lots to say about the experience. One particpant was “refreshed [about] the meditative aspect of artwork, and enjoyed the people and Amit’s easy charm”. The participants created artwork collaboratively, working in pairs. They then went on a meditative walk to explore how their heightened sensitivity to their surroundings transformed their creative process. It was great to hear one participant say “ideas come from doing, not thinking though that is needed to carry them out”.

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Open Workshop on Creative Expression

Here are some details on the next Open Workshop, covering creative expression and cross cultural communication!
Objective/Description: To share an experience of self-discovery and dialogue through the creative arts; writing, movement, visualization and a hands-on art project.
You don’t need to consider yourself an artist to engage in creative expression! Join us at a Creative Arts Open Workshop to enjoy the process of creative self-discovery – for yourself and with your colleagues. Learn how to communicate and express your ideas and concepts in a variety of different ways and reap the benefits this has to offer when working cross culturally. Don’t let different languages and culture be a show stopper. Explore new creative ways to communicate in the workplace this Saturday!
Kinyei will provide refreshments and a Khmer translator for the workshop. For those who express interest in attending we will send a vocabulary list through so participants can start thinking about the types of creative concepts that will be discussed and referred to often in Saturday’s workshop.
For whom: For colleagues who would like to explore new and creative ways of communication and to improve their own personal and professional development. Ideally, we are looking for 5-7 pairs of colleagues, one foreigner + one Khmer.
Who’s behind the workshop: Amit Janco is a Canadian woman currently volunteering at the Emergency Surgical Centre in Battambang. She has been involved with the creative arts since childhood; dancing, singing, writing, gardening, photography, design, sculpture, pottery and many other art and media projects. She has spearheaded community-wide arts projects and led art classes in Nepal. After surviving a serious accident two years ago, Amit turned to the arts as a therapeutic and meaningful way of rehabilitating from her injuries and to deal with pain. She has since been leading creative arts workshops, primarily for groups of women and sufferers of chronic pain. Wherever she lives and travels, Amit is always excited about engaging others in creativity, in helping people discover their unique gifts and potential for self-expression.